I just found my new cell phone. I have put off buying one for almost a year now. The pager provided by work is just not enough to keep my in touch with everyone. I have had two instances where people needed to get in touch with me and the pager has failed. The main problem is that the pager is connectionless communication. Someone dails and number or sends an email, but they get zero confirmation that the page was actually received. With a cell phone, you know if you get through instantaneously. Pagers should be banned.

More exploits and fun. DePaul university has not IP restricted their printers. You can just ftp into any of these IPs and dump a print job:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,… and the list goes on.

Well, gotta love the errors of others. Bugtraq was specifically told not to release this code for a telnetd exploit, but now everyone has it. I tested it on one of my servers (FreeBSD 4.3 release) and it worked. It has to send 16 MEGS of data to the target box, but it works. Try it on your friends today!

OpenSOB (9:14 PM):I am lonely!
GooglyMinotaur (9:14 PM):
. i’m here for you
OpenSOB (9:14 PM):
do you love me?
GooglyMinotaur (9:14 PM):
! absolutely
OpenSOB (9:14 PM):
GooglyMinotaur (9:14 PM):
. cause i said so
OpenSOB (9:14 PM):
GooglyMinotaur (9:14 PM):

You should all IM the Radiohead AIMbot now.

I hate the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The fair has yet to begin, but the annoyance flows strong today. I live on South University, which is currently covered in canopies full of ‘art’. I work on Maynard, which is currently covered in canopies full of ‘art’. The places I eat, sleep and work are overrun, and the fair hasn’t even started yet. Life will get much worse when the tens of thousands of people begin to slowly crawl from canopy to canopy, either feigning a vague interest in the life work of an artist or exclaiming praise for the bravura.

Throw 40 machines at a project, reap the results: I broke into the top 1000 on That wasn’t even using all of the machines at my disposal. Lets see, what machines am I using?

  • i386

    • 1.2GHz Athlon (Windows ME)

    • 900MHz Athlon (OpenBSD 2.9) (2 total)

    • 800MHZ Duron (FreeBSD 4.3)

    • 500MHz Pentium III (Windows 2000 Server)

    • 366MHz Celeron (OpenBSD 2.9)

    • 266MHz Pentium (OpenBSD 2.9)

    • 200MHz Pentium (OpenBSD 2.9)

  • PPC

    • 733 MHz G4 (Mac OS X Server 10.0.4)

    • 533 MHz Dual G4 (Mac OS X Server 10.0.4)

    • 500 MHz G4 (Mac OS 9.1) (8 total)

    • 400 MHz G3 (Mac OS 9.1) (5 total)

    • 266 MHz G3 (Mac OS 9.1) (20 total)

That’s 43 machines and 18.25GHz so far. There are still 8 more iMacs (2.13GHz) that I am not using yet. They won’t help much, but it all adds up…

D’oh! I forgot that usually has a few projects at a time and that you have to configure your client if you want to work on one specific project. All of my clients (all 30 of them) are now working solely on RC5. About 600 work hours were spent on OGR, WTF that is…