So, I completely formatted my hard drive again. At least this time I had some sort of backup! The purpose for this format was a brief interlude with Solaris. Since Solaris 8 does not support my GeForce video card, my resolution topped off at 640×480 in glorious black and white. Pathetically, Solaris doesn’t support any of the video cards I have in my Box ‘O Random Hardware.

The BORH is actually much lighter than usual since I offloaded 4 modems, 2 sound cards, 4 hard drives and 1 floppy drive on my grandfather. I just hope I have enough hardware to build a spare computer… Anyway, eBay might be the source for Solaris solace, since I could get a supported vid card for like $20.

I hate MSU, so it feels great to have their team not win the championship again. Then again, our program didn’t even make the tournament…

Puking is the best way to start your day! I got to see my bagel, tea and pills for a second time. I am blessed.

So, I haven’t bombed a test that bad since my 2.0 semester. Everyone walked out of there saying “WTF?” and “Did you have any clue what that test was about?”. That was a cruel joke to play, exacerbated by the fact the test was on a FRIDAY NIGHT.

I hate Quark. No, I loath the piece-of-ish software. My job would be a breeze if it wasn’t for the fact that the program won’t print!

So, Sat and I went to a talk with Theo de Raadt today. He discussed how OpenBSD came to be, how the original security audit worked, and how ‘Secure by Default’ works. It was quite interesting even though I didn’t learn much. He is still someone to definitely look up to, someone to emulate.

Sys Admin Tip #1: Do not drop tea onto your networking hardware.