Ok, this one is coming with a BIG disclaimer: The comic I am about to link to is sexually graphic, sickly so. It’s still really funny. 🙂 The THIN H LINE Online Comic

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The only problem with the Microsoft sites being down is that I can’t play Bejeweled!

My site is finally back online, and it should stay online. Granitecanyon screwed up again, so I searched for another solution., the company I registered with, offers free DNS service. So far it seems to be working just great! Downtime is a bitch.

I am beginning to think there is something wrong with my server:

fireball:named {103} ls -lart
Segmentation fault

What a day! Here is what was accomplished: Finally declared biology as one of my majors, signed my lease for next year, dropped down a check for $1300, fixed two major problems at work (Netboot vs DHCP & Oracle crashing), fixed a computer for a beer and had 6 hours of class. Let’s see what my night holds….

My high school graduating class had about 450 students. Within my high school was a smaller group, MSC (Math/Science/Computers). This elite group of geeks had some serious issues (that could be a whole other site), but most of us had one thing in common. Check out this image. This is the graduating class of MSC for 1998. All of the people circled ended up going to UMich (or U of M-D).