Quite powerful and correct, this religion selector pegged me perfectly. A score in the high 80s for Buddhism, yet zeros for Christianity — right on target.

My only faith lies in truth.

On my plate for the next month: configure a home server using existing (old) hardware that can support this setup: A Windows 2000 Professional workstation, a Windows 98 Second Edition workstation, an iMac, with the OpenBSD server used as a firewall, an internet-connection-sharing device for the cable modem, and configured for file and print sharing between all 3 platforms. Necessary links:
IP Masquerade for Linux
AppleTalk services under Linux
Netatalk HOWTO
Setting Up a Home Network
Unix and Cablemodems

I got schooled by this page of Simpsons trivia, but I have a feeling that a few of my friends (Rob, Mike’, and Katherine) could really clean up.

$15,000 for a home PC, yet I still want it!

SCARFACE uses the word “fuck” 206 times which held the record until GOODFELLAS added some with 246. Years later, they were trumped by PULP FICTION with a whopping 257 times, but when SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT beat the record silly with 399, a new benchmark for f word greatness was achieved.