Warped Tour was great! Good Riddance, Millencolin, Save Ferris and NOFX were definitely the favorites. My collection of punk friends is growing since I saw three seperate groups of them.

T-1000 to replace Mulder. Robert Patrick can only play the role of a suit. The character of Scully was set to contrast the conspiracy-loving Mulder, and now she is cast beside a suit. Where is the contrast?

Free anime. The Wings of Honneamise is available for viewing, a movie I have longed to see.

On this date: 1973: Bruce Lee Died

Bruce Lee, arguably the greatest martial artist of modern times, died of a brain edema in Hong Kong at the age of 32. While the cause of the edema was never determined, doctors believed it was due to hypersensitivity to a medication. He died prior to the release of his last film “Enter the Dragon.”

So far, the new Power Mac G4 Cube has been called the iAirPurifier and the iBreadMaker here at work. I think it is a great design, except for the fact that there are NO slots for expansion.

Finally, people are starting to understand what I have been saying all along: Americans are too clean! Even though current research has not come up with hard proof, all of these anti-bacterial soaps/cleansers/sheets/door knobs are going to eventually create resistant bacteria. It is a proven fact that all of the genetic testing on bacteria has created a few monsters, but they were controlled. Having triclosan and the other antibacteria products being used by the ton each day everywhere is not a closed environment.