The Honda Insight is a gorgeous vehicle. While the looks are very futuristic, the hybrid engine is utterly amazing. 70 mpg, 720 miles to a gas tank. and Car and Driver have reviews, and everyone is in love. At only $20,000, Honda is definitely selling this car at a loss.

Tower Records has closed their campus location in Ann Arbor. Located in the heart of the Student Ghetto, Tower was a great place to hang out later at night. Instead, the U is going to put the School of Public Health offices there. There are plans to open up another Tower location, but closer to downtown.

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The future is closing in. While I am reminded of Gattaca, there is a new patent out on a machine that sucks up dead skin cells for analysis. Since warm air rises, particles from the lower body are also circulating near the head. Drugs, explosives, and other fun bits can be detected. What gets me worried is that these skin cells can also be collected and then run through DNA analysis.

Whistler is the first planned update to Windows 2000, much like Windows 98 was to Windows 95. Tweak Town has a preview, and not much has changed yet.