Well, I think it is time to change my screen name (nick, handle, whatever you want to call it). When I first got online, I used Felix. That was mostly on the non-elite BBSs I frequented. By high school, I started to use Takashi000. If you have ever seen the movie Akira, then you might remember Takashi as a character. If you really remember the movie, you might realize that Takashi26 would have been a better handle. Nah, I like zeros.
I believe it was in my first year of college that I decided a new name was needed. No longer a big fan of Akira, Takashi000 was retired. The first couple years of college were some of my least stable. During this time period, I was quite morbid, and was completely convinced that I would be dead at a young age. There was little hope. The only concept of hope that I had was mythical, the idea of being a phoenix. That is the reason behind Phoenix26x, my current handle.
That would be the third handle I have grown out of, so maybe I should pick something a bit more permanent. Here are the possibilities:
MikeBibik: this one shouldn’t be hard to figure out.
BibikDotOrg: why not advertise for the site at the same time?
ChaosTerminal: …or just advertise the weblog.
OpenBSoD: OpenBSD is my favorite server OS, and BSoD is the Windows “Blue Screen of Death”. It’s a geek pun, which is fitting for who I have become.
OpenSOB: along the same lines as the previous.
AccordantDuality: an artsy fartsy name.
Well, any comments? Maybe I will slap a poll up later.