Digiti Back office

The Shot

The Original Layout

The only issue is the button placement.  The hierarchy is top-level nav (time/projects/profile), secondary projects nav (the list of projects) and then finally timelines for the project.    We need to associate those buttons with the proper areas.   The search button is in the projects header but we are already showing a search box.   If you meant the search button to reveal the search box, the button should be visually connected to the box.   If not, we should move the button down next to the search box.

The second button problem is the Today button.  Why is it floating in the tab subheader?   If it is used to jump to the project timeline for today, it should be in the date header.    

I’ll do the layout

By moving the Today button out of the subheader, you can shrink it down.  You can still use a thin, colorful subheader to help the user know what area of the site they are using.