The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor used to be a small, poorly lit, smokey bar with horrendous accoustics. Now it is a small, poorly lit, smokey bar with horrendous accoustics and it’s filled with stupid rich girls on cell phones! Argh.

So, I finally found a place to live. We have yet to sign the lease, so this might be premature:

4 bedrooms (2 singles, 2 doubles)
2 bathrooms
2 floors
Air Conditioning
Only one parking space.

The apartment complex name is ‘Canterbury Lodge’ and the apartment name is ‘Penthouse C’… you can’t get much better than that.

HOLY SHIT! Pardon my language. You know how the network connection between my main production machine and my server was so slow? Well, I messed around with some settings and changed a hard-coded 100TX setting to auto-detect. Check this:

STATUS:> Send successful
STATUS:> Time: 0:01:04, Efficiency: 5269.62 KBytes/s

I transfered a 340 meg file in just about a minute. Excellent!

Well, is taking a lot longer than expected. We have gone through code issues, server issues, politcal issues, etc etc. The estimated time of completion is this Friday, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

Sorry about the last 3 days… the DNS record for this site was messed up (not my doing). The server was up, but wasn’t resolving. All is fixed now. Tomorrow, expect an update on the status of!

Mwahahaha…. The new is coming along quite nicely. BTW, I am back in Ann Arbor. Christmas was a good change of pace, but now I have to get back to work. The new switch I got for my home network has already proved quite valuable, since transfer rates from my main production computer to my main server have increased from 5kbps to 42kbps. Still not sure why two computers seperated by 3 feet and a switch are not transferring at rates more like 10 meg/sec.

So my semester is over and I just want to be anti-social for awhile. I try to play some Diablo II and is being a bitch.

Wrestling and female explotation: WOW. They try to cater to the 2% female audience, but fail miserably. Most of the audience was supporting Slam Dunk, don’t ask me why. Other than the requisite butch wrestlers with actual strength and no attractve qualities whatsoever, Slam Dunk was one of the least attractive. The rest of the wrestlers are there just for males to see lots of tight outfits and crazy positions. Lovely.

Having taken both a chordate anatomy class and an evolution class, this article about an aquatic origin for humans is quite intriguing. Many of the adaptations shown by humans could be explained by certain aspects of an aquatic life. The examples they give are not in depth enough to be convincing though. This is just an article from a popular scientific magazine, and thus hardcore facts are avoided. Also, it seems that the researchers are jumping to conclusions. Yes, brain size and posture could be explained by this theory. The main problem is that there are no other concrete facts that support this idea, such as a fossil record that shows evolution of these traits.