*SPANKED* That is all there is to it. Java final: spank. Anatomy lab practical final: spank. Neither of those exams went well, to say the least. To make matters worse, the exams were set back to back: Java final from 6-8pm, Anatomy lab final from 8-9pm. The fact that the exams were 2 miles apart also caused a problem. Add in the “snow” factor, the “buses running late” factor, and the “my ride never showed up” factor, and you have a cold, late Mikey. I got to the lab practical just in time to start, without instruction. Luckily the lab format was “here is a hacked up animal-like thing; what is this inordinately small object inside the carcass?” or “don’t tell us what *that* object is, but tell us what it is related to in this other hacked up carcass”. Hey, all that matters is that I am done.

Google craziness from the referrer logs:
seperation of siamese twins (5 times) (7 times)
flirt tests
air hockey and physics
blink 182 aim icons (2 times)
bioengineering hobbyist project
program cracks photoshop
Darpa and exoskeleton
fractals and eminem
lab pictures
howard stern blink 182
superbowl 35 time
Having a weblog that covers such a variety of topics explains most of these…

Well, I think it is time to change my screen name (nick, handle, whatever you want to call it). When I first got online, I used Felix. That was mostly on the non-elite BBSs I frequented. By high school, I started to use Takashi000. If you have ever seen the movie Akira, then you might remember Takashi as a character. If you really remember the movie, you might realize that Takashi26 would have been a better handle. Nah, I like zeros.
I believe it was in my first year of college that I decided a new name was needed. No longer a big fan of Akira, Takashi000 was retired. The first couple years of college were some of my least stable. During this time period, I was quite morbid, and was completely convinced that I would be dead at a young age. There was little hope. The only concept of hope that I had was mythical, the idea of being a phoenix. That is the reason behind Phoenix26x, my current handle.
That would be the third handle I have grown out of, so maybe I should pick something a bit more permanent. Here are the possibilities:
MikeBibik: this one shouldn’t be hard to figure out.
BibikDotOrg: why not advertise for the site at the same time?
ChaosTerminal: …or just advertise the weblog.
OpenBSoD: OpenBSD is my favorite server OS, and BSoD is the Windows “Blue Screen of Death”. It’s a geek pun, which is fitting for who I have become.
OpenSOB: along the same lines as the previous.
AccordantDuality: an artsy fartsy name.
Well, any comments? Maybe I will slap a poll up later.

First his arm, now his brain. Kevin Warwick is going to implant a chip that will connect to the nerves related to his left arm. He hopes that he can gather enough data about how movement is controlled that he can make the chip cause the movement for him. Excellent.

Very few of you have noticed the “MP3 of the Week” that is now contained just above the first post. None of you could notice that it is now database driven. Instead of manually changing that link once a week, I can simply change one number and it will pull up a new link. God, I am lazy.