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Eric and I had planned on playing street hockey with the same bunch of people we played with a couple weeks ago. Some of them were still learning to skate; none of them had played street hockey for more than a couple months. Needless to say, the games were fun and low on competition. Today, none of them could make it. Knowing that lots of people play at Elbel field, we headed down there. About 8 guys were playing and there was an 9 year old boy trying to keep up with them. Seeing such a group, we knew they couldn't have been too good. Turns out, they were all better than the two of us, but we held our own.

After an hour and a half of playing, a few more guys showed up. Slowly as these people started to sub in, Eric and I noticed how outclassed we were. I thought they were just good amateurs with a cocky attitude. When we finally left, Eric told me he found out that they were on the UMich hockey team! Man. No wonder.