Apr 28, 2001

We have all noticed that movies suck this year. Momento has been the only movie I have deemed worth seeing all year, and even that wasn't great. Let's hope the summer season picks things up. There is a fairly large number of animated films coming out, including Final Fantasy!

Apr 24, 2001

Oh man, this is great! Okay, any of you that listens to Bad Religion knows the album Suffer. The new NOFX album is going to be called Surfer, but it's only funny because of the cover art:

Well, another semester ends as does the era of another of my computers. I have upgraded from an Asus P3V4X motherboard with 256 megs of PC133 ram and a 550MHz PIII (Overclocked to 623MHz). The new system sports a Biostar (AKA cheap) motherboard with 256 megs of PC1600 DDR ram and a 900MHz Athlon (Overclocked to 1.017GHz). My fastest Quake III demo numbers for the old system were around a max of 69.4 FPS. The new system pulls around 106.9 FPS! Nice.

Apr 18, 2001

I just got the full version of Deus Ex. It's going to be a no-homework week. Unfortunately, I should have bought this next week. My second to last final is this Friday and my semester is over next Tuesday.

Apr 17, 2001

It's the last day of class, but there is massive construction going on at the Diag and the windchill is currently at 17 degrees. I some how don't think that a lot of people are going to be running in this years Naked Mile.

Apr 14, 2001

The weather must be getting better because I am getting back into computer games. Why is it that I never want to play them in the winter, but only when the weather is great?! Anyway, Jenn came over last night and I showed her the wonder that is Quake III. Maybe I did something good to my machine lately, but the game seemed to run much much smoother then the last time I played.

Also, I broke down and bought Deus Ex. It's a first person shooter that has a great storyline and incorporates cybernetics. What more could I wish for?

Apr 9, 2001

So, I completely formatted my hard drive again. At least this time I had some sort of backup! The purpose for this format was a brief interlude with Solaris. Since Solaris 8 does not support my GeForce video card, my resolution topped off at 640x480 in glorious black and white. Pathetically, Solaris doesn't support any of the video cards I have in my Box 'O Random Hardware.

The BORH is actually much lighter than usual since I offloaded 4 modems, 2 sound cards, 4 hard drives and 1 floppy drive on my grandfather. I just hope I have enough hardware to build a spare computer... Anyway, eBay might be the source for Solaris solace, since I could get a supported vid card for like $20.

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