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Mystery Meat UI in Blender

As a certified masochist, I'm trying to teach myself the basics of 3D modeling. Blender has quite the large userbase and it's free so that seemed like a good place to start.

I'm trying to follow the various online tutorials and while comprehensive, they are occasionally tough to follow. Most are based on older versions of Blender so some of the functions are different. The biggest flaw is not in the tutorial specifically, but the explanations of some of the odd windowing concepts of Blender itself. For example, this tutorial has a great explanation of all the various settings you can tweak on the User Preferences panel. The issue? It doesn't explain how to GET to this panel! You need to find out on a different page that you need to "click and drag the area between the 3D window and menu header". What? They have basically put the preferences panel ABOVE the menu bar, hidden by default. You have to drag the menu bar down to find it.

This is impossible to find unless you read the documentation. This is silly: