Dec 29, 2000

Mwahahaha.... The new is coming along quite nicely. BTW, I am back in Ann Arbor. Christmas was a good change of pace, but now I have to get back to work. The new switch I got for my home network has already proved quite valuable, since transfer rates from my main production computer to my main server have increased from 5kbps to 42kbps. Still not sure why two computers seperated by 3 feet and a switch are not transferring at rates more like 10 meg/sec.

Dec 21, 2000

So my semester is over and I just want to be anti-social for awhile. I try to play some Diablo II and is being a bitch.

Dec 20, 2000

Wrestling and female explotation: WOW. They try to cater to the 2% female audience, but fail miserably. Most of the audience was supporting Slam Dunk, don't ask me why. Other than the requisite butch wrestlers with actual strength and no attractve qualities whatsoever, Slam Dunk was one of the least attractive. The rest of the wrestlers are there just for males to see lots of tight outfits and crazy positions. Lovely.

Having taken both a chordate anatomy class and an evolution class, this article about an aquatic origin for humans is quite intriguing. Many of the adaptations shown by humans could be explained by certain aspects of an aquatic life. The examples they give are not in depth enough to be convincing though. This is just an article from a popular scientific magazine, and thus hardcore facts are avoided. Also, it seems that the researchers are jumping to conclusions. Yes, brain size and posture could be explained by this theory. The main problem is that there are no other concrete facts that support this idea, such as a fossil record that shows evolution of these traits.

Why uncontrolled, mentally-impared people are a bane to existence: Killer's motive? It was 'funny'.

Oh man. Once again, thanks go to Zig for this one: John West Salmon.

Dec 19, 2000 - The smartest way to see the web! Yeah, so it's been 8 days since I have posted. I am a busy boy! One more final (Chordate Anatomy and Phylogeny) and one more website ( and then I can relax.

Dec 11, 2000

*SPANKED* That is all there is to it. Java final: spank. Anatomy lab practical final: spank. Neither of those exams went well, to say the least. To make matters worse, the exams were set back to back: Java final from 6-8pm, Anatomy lab final from 8-9pm. The fact that the exams were 2 miles apart also caused a problem. Add in the "snow" factor, the "buses running late" factor, and the "my ride never showed up" factor, and you have a cold, late Mikey. I got to the lab practical just in time to start, without instruction. Luckily the lab format was "here is a hacked up animal-like thing; what is this inordinately small object inside the carcass?" or "don't tell us what *that* object is, but tell us what it is related to in this other hacked up carcass". Hey, all that matters is that I am done.

Dec 10, 2000

Google craziness from the referrer logs:
seperation of siamese twins (5 times) (7 times)
flirt tests
air hockey and physics
blink 182 aim icons (2 times)
bioengineering hobbyist project
program cracks photoshop
Darpa and exoskeleton
fractals and eminem
lab pictures
howard stern blink 182
superbowl 35 time
Having a weblog that covers such a variety of topics explains most of these...

In my neverending quest for glory, I have decided to learn PHP and MySQL. Looking for more advanced tutorials for PHP led me to Webmonkey and what is probably the worst tutorial ever written. Good job, guys!

Dec 9, 2000

Well, I think it is time to change my screen name (nick, handle, whatever you want to call it). When I first got online, I used Felix. That was mostly on the non-elite BBSs I frequented. By high school, I started to use Takashi000. If you have ever seen the movie Akira, then you might remember Takashi as a character. If you really remember the movie, you might realize that Takashi26 would have been a better handle. Nah, I like zeros.
I believe it was in my first year of college that I decided a new name was needed. No longer a big fan of Akira, Takashi000 was retired. The first couple years of college were some of my least stable. During this time period, I was quite morbid, and was completely convinced that I would be dead at a young age. There was little hope. The only concept of hope that I had was mythical, the idea of being a phoenix. That is the reason behind Phoenix26x, my current handle.
That would be the third handle I have grown out of, so maybe I should pick something a bit more permanent. Here are the possibilities:
MikeBibik: this one shouldn't be hard to figure out.
BibikDotOrg: why not advertise for the site at the same time?
ChaosTerminal: ...or just advertise the weblog.
OpenBSoD: OpenBSD is my favorite server OS, and BSoD is the Windows "Blue Screen of Death". It's a geek pun, which is fitting for who I have become.
OpenSOB: along the same lines as the previous.
AccordantDuality: an artsy fartsy name.
Well, any comments? Maybe I will slap a poll up later.

Dec 8, 2000


First his arm, now his brain. Kevin Warwick is going to implant a chip that will connect to the nerves related to his left arm. He hopes that he can gather enough data about how movement is controlled that he can make the chip cause the movement for him. Excellent.

Dec 7, 2000

Very few of you have noticed the "MP3 of the Week" that is now contained just above the first post. None of you could notice that it is now database driven. Instead of manually changing that link once a week, I can simply change one number and it will pull up a new link. God, I am lazy.

I love the fact that Americans will try to make money off anything... Thanks to Zig for that one.

Not sure who is the original source of this:

so i'm waiting for the bus at cc little to go to north campus, and this girl walks up and stands next to me. she's hot, by the way, and she's wearing a tri-delt sweatshirt. after i was done thinking about how hot she was, i realize that she's an idiot because i'm wearing my winter fucking coat and am still cold and she's standing outside waiting for a bus in nothing more than a sweatshirt. well, i've probably never been more right about anything in my life.

so right when the bus is coming up she sees one of her friends - had to be in a sorority if not tridelt due to the black fuck me pants, black down north face jacket, black wool hat and black framed glasses. she also had black sandals on - yes, it was still cold outside.

as i get on the bus, they sit down in front of me, which was nice, because remember, they're both hot. i'm not really paying attention to anything in particular, mostly because i'm contemplating how much it sucks that i'm going to north campus to sit in a class that i don't really need to be going to anyway, and so it catches me off guard a bit when i realize what the two girls in front of me are talking about. hard boiled eggs. it was just weird, that's all.

so anyway, i'm listening to the girl in black bitch about how her roommate will hard boil all of the eggs in the fridge to use on salads at once, and then keep them in the egg carton so that when she wants to use an egg (god only know for what purpose - it certainly wasn't to eat, unless she was planning on inducing vomiting afterwards) she cracks it open only to find that it's hard boiled and not a raw egg. well this is where it starts to get entertaining for all of the engineers on the bus. now, it was just about 1 o'clock when i was on the bus, so there were a lot of non-engineering students just headed back to bursley after class, and thus only about half the bus was keeping an eye on the hot chicks - you see, engineers don't come across girls much, and when we encounter hot chicks we tend to just kind of stare at them. well, anyway, remember the girl in black was talking about all of the hard boiled eggs.

so, the girl in the sweatshirt says, rather loudly, "well, why don't you just unboil them?"

now, remember we on the bus that are paying attention are all engineers. i had already figured out that this girl was an idiot (sweatshirt in the cold), but the rest of the engineers must have been too engrossed staring at her to think much of that, so when she says the line about unboiling the eggs, one engineer just about chokes on his jimmy john's while the others stares turn from awe to amazement and shock at her stupidity - it really was funny.

so the girl in black actually notices everyone staring at them at this point, and gets a little bit freaked out. she says something like, "what the fuck are you talking about, you can't unboil an egg", to which dumb sweatshirt girl says, sure you can, my boyfriend told me all about it.

and i'll spare you the story, but it basically involved a practical joke that her boyfriend had played on her which resulted in her cracking a raw egg on her forehead. by now, most of the people on the bus, even the non-engineers, are trying to contain their laughter. i really can't, and i'm pretty much laughing out loud, but only the girl in black notices.

and she gets pissed - either at the sweatshirt girl, or at everyone laughing at her, i don't know - and starts YELLING, "YOU CANT UNBOIL AN EGG". each time she yells it, sweatshirt girl starts getting bitchier and bitchier, yelling "YES YOU CAN". finally, the dude in front of them turns around, looks sweatshirt girl in the eye and says "you're crazy, you can't unboil an egg". this shut her up at least, and the north face girl looks really happy at being validated - i think that during the whole argument she wasn't really sure herself that you couldn't unboil an egg.

so the sweatshirt girl just sits there for a minute, and then i can hear her mumbling under her breath something about "chemicals" and "her boyfriend" and she finally tells the northface girl that "i'm sure you can somehow."

northface girl of course just yells "NO YOU CANT".

by now, most of the engineers have slapped their foreheads and left their hands there, making a pretty funny scene - a whole bunch of dorky guys holding their hands to their heads while shaking them.

the girls talked about it for a while, and finally sweatshirt girl agreed that maybe you couldn't unboil an egg. by now, the rest of the bus was talking about it, and from the front, we could all hear a flaming homosexual music major ask, in the loudest, gayest voice possible, "Well, why *couldn't* you unboil an egg", which caused me and just about everyone else to go into convulsions of laughter all over again.

by now, we had just about reached the stop, but stupid sweatshirt girl wasn't done yet. she had started talking about how it was tuesday, and tomorrow was wednesday, and how we should change the calendar so that wednesday was the first day in the week and tuesday was the last, so that we would have the weekend in the middle of the week.

one of the engineers to our right had had enough i guess, and interrupted the two girls to inform them that if you put the weekend in the middle of the week, it would no longer be a weekend, it would be a weekmiddle.

neither girl understood it, and while he tried to explain for a bit, we all ended up getting off the bus before he had a chance to finish.

Dec 6, 2000

Version 6.0, LIVE. Coming next, a PHP/SQL driven site.

Server upgrade complete! The downtime wasn't so much for the extra 128 megs of RAM I installed, but more so that I can undo the overclocking... Unix is much better at making use of a CPU than any form of Windows. That Celeron 366 overclocked to 550MHz without problem on my old Windows 2000 machine. During certain activities (mostly compiling), the computer (the same CPU now in my OpenBSD machine) would completely freeze. This is not normal for Unix, so it must be the overclocking. Running comfortably at 366MHz, the machine should be 100% stable.

To all 5 of you that read this site: The site will be going down again for an upgrade (hardware this time) at 8:00 PM EST. Expected downtime will be less than one hour. Thank you.

Woohoo! There might be a chance that artritis can be controlled!

Dec 4, 2000

Family Circus. Crazy Axe Murderer.

Why Mike has stopped going to class: More online comics: Sinfest.

The MP3 of the week has been updated. Radiohead released Kid A awhile ago, and it is a radical departure from the glory that is OK Computer. Most of the songs grow on you, and I absolutely adore Optimistic. The background vocals are melodic (and blend in perfectly with the simplistic guitar riffs), the main vocals are crisp, and there are enough hooks for everyone to love this song. Not sure if this is radio-single-style quality, but it's quality nonetheless. The lyrics have a perfect sense of sardonicism (yes, that is a word, go look it up, MOFO):
You can try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

This one's optimistic
This one went to market
This one just came out of the swamp
This one dropped a payload
Fodder for the animals
Living on an animal farm

I will definitely agree with this list: The 50 Greatest Moments in Simpsons History. Too bad there are about 5 of those scenes that I have never seen! How is that possible?

Dec 1, 2000

Did I mention that I love OpenBSD? Did I mention I love the mascot?

An hour of downtime equals an upgraded server. I just upgraded this web server (which is also my ftp server, DHCP server, MP3 server, and would be my DNS server if it wasn't so slow) to OpenBSD 2.8. There was a huge list of changes from 2.7 and even though none of them seemed critical, upgrades are always nice.

The : community cartooning: a very interesting idea. An Open Source comic strip, practically. People are allowed to use the characters from Penny Arcade and make up their own strips. There are almost 4000 strips now, in various states of quality in humor and artistry. The gems are few and far between, but they also hit a wide variety of subjects such as Dragonball Z.

Penny Arcade: Another comic: More games, more geeks, lots of killing, and mayo. My favorites are Cam and Poke. Genuis

MegaTokyo: a comic strip about gaming and Japanese culture. A new love is found.

A day Without Weblogs? What a pathetic cause. I can sort of understand a Day without Art (even though that is everyday in my life) supporting World Aids Day. A day without weblogs is just another crappy webloggers movement.
Here are some great links on this day that I should not be linking (snicker): ISketch is a great form of online Pictionary. It uses Shockwave, the interface is tight and the speed is excellent. A great way to chat online as well!
Schlong Song. Sisqo likes meat.