Nov 5, 2005

Camera bags. When I first picked up my DReb, I ran down to a camera store in the mall and bought the smallest thing that would hold the SLR, kit lens, 50mm and a flash. It took maybe six months before I grew out of that and so I started looking around. I decided a backpack would be the best bet because they can hold a large amount, can also take a laptop, are comfortable and sturdy. I took this to Ireland and it worked out okay, but the bag I bought was just way too wide! I had to be careful anytime I turned near people to make sure I knock anyone over. The other issue I had was anytime I needed anything out of the bag, I'd have to take it off, swing it to the ground, grab what I need and then put the bag back on. Needless to say, this makes it difficult to switch lenses quickly.

We have another trip to Europe very soon so I decided to look around for alternatives. I originally started looking at thinner backpacks, thinking that maybe the size of my CompuTrekker was the real issue. I finally chose the Kata R-103 and even went to various camera stores in the area to check one out. No one had one, so I kept looking for alternatives. During the backpack search, the Crumpler brand kept coming up. I still thought the Kata was a better backpack, but now I had a new brand to check out. There are all sorts of bags from backpacks to duffles to top loaders to what not. I decided that a messenger type bag may suit my purposes better. It's comfortable for just walking around, they can hold a decent amount and I can access it while wearing it. I decided on the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home:

It holds everything (but a laptop) that my CompuTrekker did and is pretty comfortable to wear. I might do a trial run of some sort before Europe and if it doesnt work out, I still have the CompuTrekker which I will definitely use for things like hikes.

Nov 4, 2005

I decided my car is quickly decending into mild rice. The car came a bit ricey from stock (the futuristic 17" wheels, the huge rear bumper, the spoiler) and then the previous owner decided to add some more. The rear hatch normally comes with an emblem that says SVT Focus and there is a Ford oval. The owner decided to shave off the "Focus" part of "SVT Focus" and then covered up the blue Ford oval with a matching red "SVT" oval. The front grill has a similar "SVT" red oval.

If the uninitiated looked at my car and tried to figure what make and model it was, they would come up with... SVT SVT. I'm not kidding, as this is exactly what was written up when I got a "parking ticket" at Microsoft. Color: Red. Make: SVT. Model: SVT. License Plate: OPENSOB. I personally think the combination of the new "Pirahna" logo I added has tipped me into the "rice" category. I'm going to leave the Pirahna, since it's new and barely noticeable, but I just removed the red SVT ovals from the front and back. Here's a picture of what I just removed:

I'm thinking about buying a new "SVT Focus" emblem and returning to almost stock.

Nov 1, 2005

If you have speakers, check out Crumpler Bags. Turn off the site music by hitting the little note in the lower right corner. Get ready for weirdness and then start playing with the "nards" button. Fecalrific.