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Camera bags. When I first picked up my DReb, I ran down to a camera store in the mall and bought the smallest thing that would hold the SLR, kit lens, 50mm and a flash. It took maybe six months before I grew out of that and so I started looking around. I decided a backpack would be the best bet because they can hold a large amount, can also take a laptop, are comfortable and sturdy. I took this to Ireland and it worked out okay, but the bag I bought was just way too wide! I had to be careful anytime I turned near people to make sure I knock anyone over. The other issue I had was anytime I needed anything out of the bag, I'd have to take it off, swing it to the ground, grab what I need and then put the bag back on. Needless to say, this makes it difficult to switch lenses quickly.

We have another trip to Europe very soon so I decided to look around for alternatives. I originally started looking at thinner backpacks, thinking that maybe the size of my CompuTrekker was the real issue. I finally chose the Kata R-103 and even went to various camera stores in the area to check one out. No one had one, so I kept looking for alternatives. During the backpack search, the Crumpler brand kept coming up. I still thought the Kata was a better backpack, but now I had a new brand to check out. There are all sorts of bags from backpacks to duffles to top loaders to what not. I decided that a messenger type bag may suit my purposes better. It's comfortable for just walking around, they can hold a decent amount and I can access it while wearing it. I decided on the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home:

It holds everything (but a laptop) that my CompuTrekker did and is pretty comfortable to wear. I might do a trial run of some sort before Europe and if it doesnt work out, I still have the CompuTrekker which I will definitely use for things like hikes.

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