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Wow, I just realized I haven't post about the new kitties! Long story short, Kat's parents trapped three kittens outside of her dad's office. Coyotes roam around back there so this was a preventive measure. Here they are:




The rest of the pictures are here and here. They are all 12 weeks old (even Jack, who looks half the age of the other two) and other than fleas and worms, are in pretty good shape. Jack has a slightly deformed chest (it seems as if his chest was pressed in from the ventral direction) but the vet said he should grow up healthy though a bit deformed. It took awhile for them to warm up but they are all getting acclimated. The next step is to integrate these three with the existing two kitties, neither of which have been happy about being stuck in the garage for the last two weeks!

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