Mar 21, 2006

Ford, ya know, you piss me off sometimes. I'm trying to get all the parts ready to bleed my brakes and the Ford manual doesn't tell you the proper size wrench you need for the nipple. I tried various sizes on the front passenger brake and determined that 8mm was too small and 10mm was too big, so it had to be 9mm. I go to Home Depot, pick up the wrench, come home and it doesn't work! I return it, thinking I must need SAE, not metric, and then I find out that it didn't work because I tested it on the rear! Turns out, you need 9mm for the front and 8mm for the rear. Thanks, Ford!

Mar 2, 2006

Wow, it just won't die down. I have previously mentioned the trials and tribulations of Mark Jen, but he made the "Business 2.0 2005's 101 Dumbest Moments in Business":

18. Perhaps they should change the motto to "Don't be stupid."
New Google employee Mark Jen adds a post to his blog in which he says he spent his first day in an HR presentation about "nothing in particular." Apparently, Jen snoozed through the company's strict disclosure rules. In a subsequent post, he reveals that the company expects unprecedented revenues and profit growth in 2005, projections that Google has yet to share with Wall Street. Jen soon receives another presentation from HR: a pink slip.

Mar 1, 2006

Thanks to the wonderful galleryadd perl script, my gallery is back! I'm using a fairly complex theme and haven't quite ironed out all of the bugs, but all of the images are back online. All of the old image links are broken, but I may try to come up with a rewrite script to redirect people.