Jul 30, 2000

I got schooled by this page of Simpsons trivia, but I have a feeling that a few of my friends (Rob, Mike', and Katherine) could really clean up.

Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource has redesigned. Nothing too flashy, but well accepted nonetheless.

$15,000 for a home PC, yet I still want it!

Jul 28, 2000

Many many many great designs.

SCARFACE uses the word "fuck" 206 times which held the record until GOODFELLAS added some with 246. Years later, they were trumped by PULP FICTION with a whopping 257 times, but when SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT beat the record silly with 399, a new benchmark for f word greatness was achieved.

Oh crap. I have been known to drink a pot of coffee per day, plus I already have bad joints. This is not a good sign:Coffee May Be Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Jul 26, 2000

All images fixed!

Oops. I just deleted all of the files in my archive/images directory because I had downloaded and optimized MOST of them. Any of the images that were posted to the weblog are going to be broken until I can get to my backup tomorrow.

The fight against AIDS is beginning to show great progress. For the first time since 1988, AIDS is not in the top 15 causes of death in the US.

Diabetics Can Use Light To Measure Glucose.

Zvezda Docks With Space Station.

Jul 25, 2000

The Girls Room tour was g.d. awesome! The night started off excellently with the local act. A powerful voice, skillful piano work, and undeniably emotional lyrics marked the performance by Keri Noble. No one was expecting anything from the local act, especially since we had seen her walking around nervously before the performance. She played Perfect, and two other songs of which I have forgotten the titles. Tara MacLean was the reason why she played three songs. After two, Keri began to walk off stage while the crowd was in an uproar. Tara ran over and practically shoved her back on stage. My group gave her a standing O when she was done. Following this display of musical excellence was a mockery: Amy Correia. Described as having a 'unique voice' and 'eclectic songs', that is just one way of saying that she sucks. Expect www.AmyCorreiaSucks.com before too long. Starfishin' was one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard. Angels Collide had good lyrics, but that is the only good thing I will ever have to say about that girl. Knowing that Tara was coming on next, my group sat on the floor directly in front of the stage. Two of the people I was with had seen Tara 4 times before, and I have heard great things about her shows. She was just as vivacious, cute, and talented as they had all said. We all got to sing along with If You Could because the crowd did it for her last time she was in the Detroit area and she loved it. After Tara was Shannon McNally: more crap. Fast Forward to the signing session. I was too shy to talk to either Keri or Tara.

Jul 24, 2000

The script bows quite low;
Honor the lack of a quote,
The script is renewed!

The script is broken.
Installation of NT?
Not so fast, buddy.

Coming soon? Coming SOON? When oh when will I get the first Windows 2000 Service Pack? I would like to be able to use my USB CD burner, please.

Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, has decided that he will not support germline therapy, the process by which DNA is modified for all future generations.

Jul 23, 2000

The Millencolin homepage has been redesigned. I like.

Warped Tour was great! Good Riddance, Millencolin, Save Ferris and NOFX were definitely the favorites. My collection of punk friends is growing since I saw three seperate groups of them.

Jul 21, 2000

T-1000 to replace Mulder. Robert Patrick can only play the role of a suit. The character of Scully was set to contrast the conspiracy-loving Mulder, and now she is cast beside a suit. Where is the contrast?

I am quite amazed when people have not heard of my old high school, Churchill in Livonia, Michigan. Just for this year, we had 2 of the top 20 students in all of Michigan.

Free anime. The Wings of Honneamise is available for viewing, a movie I have longed to see.

Jul 20, 2000

On this date: 1973: Bruce Lee Died
Bruce Lee, arguably the greatest martial artist of modern times, died of a brain edema in Hong Kong at the age of 32. While the cause of the edema was never determined, doctors believed it was due to hypersensitivity to a medication. He died prior to the release of his last film "Enter the Dragon."

So far, the new Power Mac G4 Cube has been called the iAirPurifier and the iBreadMaker here at work. I think it is a great design, except for the fact that there are NO slots for expansion.

Jul 18, 2000

Crap. The trailer to Spriggan is already available, and it is amazing.

Spriggan will be released in the US. My friend and ex-roommate Mondo, along with the kids of Animania, subtitled this excellent film. Otomo Katsuhiro, the brains behind Akira, was the main man behind Spriggan. Speaking of Akira, it will be released to DVD next year.

Finally, people are starting to understand what I have been saying all along: Americans are too clean! Even though current research has not come up with hard proof, all of these anti-bacterial soaps/cleansers/sheets/door knobs are going to eventually create resistant bacteria. It is a proven fact that all of the genetic testing on bacteria has created a few monsters, but they were controlled. Having triclosan and the other antibacteria products being used by the ton each day everywhere is not a closed environment.

Jul 17, 2000

The Honda Insight is a gorgeous vehicle. While the looks are very futuristic, the hybrid engine is utterly amazing. 70 mpg, 720 miles to a gas tank. Auto.com and Car and Driver have reviews, and everyone is in love. At only $20,000, Honda is definitely selling this car at a loss.

Jul 16, 2000

Pulling up the film credits for Ron Jeremy at the IMDB almost crashed my computer. 581 movies, good god.

Tower Records has closed their campus location in Ann Arbor. Located in the heart of the Student Ghetto, Tower was a great place to hang out later at night. Instead, the U is going to put the School of Public Health offices there. There are plans to open up another Tower location, but closer to downtown.

Jul 14, 2000

When people think of the future, they think of revolutionary advancements. The problem is that these advancements are happening, little by little. Case in point, a robot performed gall bladder removal surgery.

Jul 11, 2000

More beautiful koans.

Zen Koans.

Jul 10, 2000

Geek-O-Meter 3.14.2
Quiz Results

Your score is: 47
Your Geek Level is...


Congratulations, you are a geek for all geeks. Do you find that great things happen when you're around? That's because you're an Alpha geek. With your near limitless knowledge your teams go further and do better things than anyone around. We wish we could clone you and make this world a better place.

The Pentium 4 was only recently announced. This processor has been known by the code name Willamette, and now Intel is ordering the production of a million 1.7 GHz P4s. 1.7 gigahertz.

The future is closing in. While I am reminded of Gattaca, there is a new patent out on a machine that sucks up dead skin cells for analysis. Since warm air rises, particles from the lower body are also circulating near the head. Drugs, explosives, and other fun bits can be detected. What gets me worried is that these skin cells can also be collected and then run through DNA analysis.

Jul 8, 2000

Whistler is the first planned update to Windows 2000, much like Windows 98 was to Windows 95. Tweak Town has a preview, and not much has changed yet.

The future of computers is prophesied by David Gelernter.


Jul 7, 2000

Why is it that I never knew that
the head of the Human Genome Project is a professor at the University of Michigan
? I have followed the HGP for quite some time now, and never knew that Francis Collins (the head of the National Institute of Health portion of the HGP) also is a professor in the Human Genetics and Internal Medicine departments here.

The people over at JunkExtreme love Windows Millennium Edition.

Jul 6, 2000

Necessary mechanical product for this year: Speed boots.
Necessary computer information for this minute: Bandwidth speed test.

Jul 5, 2000

Word of the day:
Vacuously, smugly, and unconsciously foolish.
Delusive; unreal: fatuous hopes.

The FDA is considering making The Pill available OTC. The cost would definitely plummet from the average current price of $30/month.

Jul 1, 2000

One last thing before I go: scientists have found a way to use a chip to replace a damaged retina.