Sep 14, 2005

Know of any idiots that have curbed their wheels and want a cheap fix? Try this process out!

...yeah, both of my driver side wheels are curbed, but were curbed when on the passenger side. When I had my Kumho MXs installed, I guess they decided to put those wheels on the opposite side. It's a shame, since I'm now more likely to curb the clean wheels...

Sep 9, 2005

So, our hockey game this week was reschedule from Monday (Labor Day) to Thursday, but this rescheduling wasn't announced and was done on Sunday. Needless to say, we only had a few people show up last night. Three, to be exact, or not enough to field a team!

Luckily, someone from a different team filled in for us so we could at least play. By the end of the first half, we were all extraordinarily exhausted, but we were up 2-0! Another player showed up at halftime, so at least we could sub one person out. The final result? We won 5-1. I was shocked, but everyone played smart: passing cleanly, not giving up the puck in our end, knowing when to dump and when to bring it up, etc. It was a good game.

I just donated $200 to the Red Cross. Have you donated yet?

Holy hell. California has just upped the ante when it comes to street race punishment: they will crush your car!