Oct 31, 2000

Pro-lifers in Britain are attempting to stop the separation of Siamese twins joined at the lower abdomen. The procedure would save the life of one, while the other could not be saved. The pro-lifers are vying to have the House of Lords rule on this matter since it is along the lines of abortion. Their idea is that the House of Lords would either postpone or oppose the seperation.

Here is the kicker: if the two are not seperated, they will both die within months.
Here is the broad generalization: Pro-lifers are complete idiots.

Read a related article on CNN.

Even more about the Digital Angel. This article goes into the medical aspects.

Oct 30, 2000

The search engine is now powered locally, using ht://dig just like for the michigandaily.com search. The results page is ugly, but defaults usually are.

Oct 29, 2000

The FDA is getting in the way of the Digital Angel. The DA is a small box that is powered by body heat that acts as a GPS unit. Originally, the plan was to implant this under the skin. The FDA would need to approve that, so the makers decided to just put it on the skin. Spineless bastards.

Oct 27, 2000

Leaves descend in troves
A barren branch remains pure
Crisp air refreshes


Oct 26, 2000

I guess I am a 5.5... Am I Hot or Not? is such a wicked site, though I feel better with an above average rating.

Oct 25, 2000

Well, once again, I got to miss a Bad Religion show. I have been a fan for 7 years now, and I have missed at least 8 possible shows. The first few were because of that gigantic thumb I lived under; I called it "Parental Guidance". During that middle period, I missed the shows because the album they were touring for frankly sucked. Fast forward to 2000, the May release of The New America and I started to get excited with the band again. Preliminary reports of this tour got me even more excited since they were playing mostly older songs (read: good songs)! They come to SE Michigan on tour for this new album, and I am too busy to go to the show. At least The Daily published a nice article about them yesterday.

Oct 22, 2000

This is NOT a Photoshopped image. It is a true billboard where the ad agency made a severe mistake.

Oct 21, 2000

Michigan State (3-3) at (16) Michigan (5-2)

Player to Watch: Ryan Van Dyke, QB, Michigan State. Starter has struggled since returning from injury and even got replaced last week by Jeff Smoker.
Both sides are issuing the standard spin about this being a tough rivalry game, but reality says it's a mismatch. Despite their 3-0 start, the Spartans clearly are in a rebuilding year following a 10-2 campaign in 1999. The only consistency is RB T.J. Duckett, the nation's No. 5 rusher (148.3 yards). Michigan exploded in a 58-0 win last week and will likely go right at the Spartans' wobbly defensive front with powerful RB Anthony Thomas.

Oct 20, 2000

Oh man, I almost missed this tidbit of MSU vs UM greatness: Snews published a comic displaying the fear they have for our team...

Lets try this a third time! The Michigan Daily and The State News are sharing a bit too much today. They shared articles rippping into each other: The Daily published this rebuttal to the Erin McQuinn article from October 10th. Snews published this article putting down Spartan tradition. In contrast, Snews also created a beautiful image of Ann Arbor and the culture, comparing it to a small European city. An odd assortment for the last day of publishing before the Big Game....

Damnit! Lost a huge post.

Oct 19, 2000

Well, that just sucked. The server side includes that I added worked just fine for the first time that you loaded the page. Subsequent times, all of the possible includes were shown! Hopefully I caught this before anyone else, otherwise there could be problems....


Rage Against The Machine is no more.

According to this Daily Radar article, Dark Angel is a blatant ripoff of Robert Heinlein, one of the greatest science fiction authors.

Excellent. An ISP without all of the crap: FlexNet. They don't even allow AOL members to sign up. Given that Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 have a wizard to setup your internet account, all you need is the username, password, and phone number that they give you.

Oct 18, 2000

The big decision looms: Do I stick with crappy IDE hardware, or do I start to upgrade to SCSI? The new PleXWriter PX-W1210S cd burner is 12x/10x/32x and SCSI. The IDE version of the same has been a top drive for some time. With SCSI, upgrading is easy. With IDE, the price is actually reasonable. Plextor IDE: $250. Plextor SCSI: $380. That just made up my mind.

Optobionics is sitting on the results of their retinal implant trials. Could it be, gasp, because they failed?

Brain Size In Premature Infants Significantly Smaller Than Full-Term Babies... isn't that a well-known fact? The braincase of humans is so large at full development that females would have to be structured very differently to give birth. Instead, the brain and braincase increase in size after birth. Of course the brain is going to be one of the last things to fully develop, and thus premature babies will have smaller brains.

Oct 17, 2000

I guess it is working. My more frequent users should get a personalized message where "This sentence is false." used to reside. If you want your own personal message, email me! If you need anything web based, email me. If you need anything computer related, email me. Being a whore, looking for work. Oh yeah, need a website or website design, email me. I can do more than just steal designs. ::grin::

Not working at all...


I just don't get it: FICS - Free Internet Chess Server.

I have now received over 8 pieces of graduation propaganda. I guess once you have 100 credits, they decide that you are going to graduate this year, if not this semester. Sorry to disappoint the university, but I will probably be here until Winter 2003.

This is exactly the type of technology I want to develop! Prosthetic Limb To Be Controlled By Microchip.

Oct 16, 2000

The world, and especially the US, is going to encounter an energy shortage in the next 30 years. The oil supply is steady now, but it is estimated that with our current rate of extraction, that supply will be nil in 25 years. Coal reserves can stretch out for 5 years beyond that, and then our fossil fuels are gone. As of 1998, 89% of the energy of the world was produced from fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources are less efficient, such as nuclear energy. Future energy sources need to be developed. Fusion would be an excellent development, since power output is almost 10 times the power input. The US has completely stepped out of the research and development of fusion power, hoping that Russia/Japan/Canada will develop the technology and license it to the world.

Oct 15, 2000

With a headline like Scientists Learn To Program Human Dreams, you would think this was a great accomplishment. Instead, they had people play Tetris for like 3 days straight, and 60% of the people ended up having a dream about Tetris. Try again, science-folks.

Oct 13, 2000

Now officially stored on my domain www.bibik.org, change all of your bookmarks to http://www.bibik.org/CT/ Thanks!

Oct 12, 2000

Looking for a new computer? Looking for a very small new computer? The Espresso PC is about the size of a large graphing calculator. I would be afraid of losing that thing. The cost is prohibitive since it uses mostly notebook parts. Less expensive (but much larger) is the BookPC. This uses normal PC parts in a footprint about the size of a phonebook. Neither of these systems are very upgradeable (Cannot upgrade anything on the Espresso, cannot put any new cards into the Book), but neither is the very popular iMac! Got to install one of the new DV models yesterday, and it could not be much easier.

Oct 6, 2000

This makes me oddly depressed. The mere idea that the X-33 will not fly is troubling. Mostly, because of the Mars Lander fiasco, NASA is not seen in the brightest of lights anymore. The delays in developing the X-33 are mostly safety based (which makes sense if anyone remembers a slight problem in 1986 with the Challenger...), but these delays are not giving NASA credibility. They need one project to work, and to work well. The International Space Station is still in development, and can't save them yet...

Oct 5, 2000

The Simpsons has been a favorite TV show for most geeks for over 10 years. In the last few seasons, the quality has dropped quickly as the original writers have left. This MSNBC article got it just right. The Simpsons should be taken off the air.

Oct 1, 2000

Excellent! I tested out the internet capabilities of my new Linux setup, and I am impressed. My image gallery does not work at all on the Mac platform and only works on the latest browsers in Windows. Here, using Netscape 4.75, it works beautifully.

Posting from RedHat 7.0. This is such a great feeling!