Sep 30, 2000

If any of you want to run your own web server, definitely check out DevShed - Server Side for a healthy dose of knowledge. Learn about PHP, Perl, Apache, etc. I love this stuff!

Sep 29, 2000

What the hell? My keyboard just died. I thought maybe it was the AT --> PS/2 converter I was using, but a replacement did not improve the situation. Then I thought maybe it was the port on my motherboard. I found a PS/2 -- > USB converter and tried that. I 'borrowed' a roommate's keyboard, and that worked just fine. Feeling quite pissed off (do you have any idea how hard it is to use a computer without a keyboard?), I took the old keyboard and shook it around a bit. The power of fear made it work again. Now I can get back to my regular life.

Sep 27, 2000

Yes, Redhat Linux 7.0 is out, but when will we be able to download it? The FTP site has been so bogged down that not even the mirror sites can download the necessary files. Even the support site that only paying customers can access is busy! I have successfully connected to one mirror site that had RH 7.0, but the did not have the CD image files (ISOs) that I wanted. 99% of older Linux distributions fail in some way on my hardware, so I figured there would be hope with the most brand new version. When will I get to find out?!

Sep 26, 2000

The bitches love me because they know that I can rock.
The bitches love me because they know that I can rhyme.
The bitches love me because they know that I can fuck.
The bitches love me because they know that I'm on time.
All sang by Pikachu! This is the most hilarious video I have seen since Winnie The Pooh Meets Satan.

The ongoing saga of standardized IM protocol: ZDNet: News: AOL quietly linking AIM, ICQ.

Sep 25, 2000

Heh, I was just kidding, folks. I did end up going to see Phish!
The lot crowd before the show was a bit melancholy, which was most definitely caused by the combination of planes roaring directly overhead every two minutes and the slight amount of rain. Once everyone got inside, the mood was dramatically lifted, mostly because we were no longer cold and wet. Here is the setlist:
Set I (0:53): Come On Baby Lets Go Downtown > Moma Dance, Frankenstein, Halley's Comet > Fee, Stash

Set II (1:12): Birds of a Feather, Tweezer> NICU > Scent of a Mule, Fast Enough for You, Piper > Character Zer0

Encore (0:09): Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

Short first set, eh? The reason: GLOWSTICKS. People throwing hundreds of glow sticks all over the arena is a cool effect in the dark smoke-saturated environment. People throwing glow sticks at the stage, at the band -- not good. We probably missed out on two songs because of it. Most people knew something was wrong at intermission. The arena crowd created a cacophony after the second set which was probably the ONLY reason why Phish did an encore. The crowd really did not deserve it. Thus, we got two songs, and the band bowed and ran off stage. Dodging glowsticks. Again. Bastard phans.

Sep 23, 2000

How random! Modern Humorist is a fairly funny site which I have only just discovered. Just like The Onion did awhile back, they have mentioned my hometown of Livonia, Michigan. It's buried near the bottom, so keep reading. That place is a strip mall of 100,000 people, 98% of which are white. The city is not worthy of mention.

Here it is, 9:15 AM or so. If I was going to see Phish this weekend, I would have left by now. You can just hear my spirits deflate.

Sep 21, 2000

Whoa, I just realized that I am going to Chicago for the weekend. This has been planned since my birthday (August 4th -- don't forget next year!) when I got the tickets to Phish, but I almost completely forgot. It will be a fun fun weekend, believe me.

Sep 18, 2000

Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

Sep 17, 2000

I am not upset that I weigh 190lbs. I am upset that this is the first time in my adult life that my weight is greater than my IQ and my bench press.

Perhaps the film I'm looking most forward to next year is DUDE, WHERE's MY CAR who's plot outline simply states, "Two potheads wake up from a night of partying and can't remember where they parked their car. With Fabio as a guest star, and characters like "Nordic Dude #2" in the credits, it's cleary next year's blockbuster. Stolen, again, from X-E.

Christopher Reeve broke his leg on August 17th during physical therapy. The exact cause of the injury is unknown, but sources close to Reeve suggest it may have something to do with trying to get a crippled guy to walk. Stolen from X-E.

The Smashing Pumpkins are on their way out, but in a great way. Sick of their record label, they decided to allow the entire album to be available on MP3. That is not a link to a news story, that is a link to the MP3s themselves!

Sep 16, 2000

Clean is good, a mantra I have recently accepted. This is mostly because through a laborious process which failed, I lost my main partition. The last incarnation of this system had partitions setup for Windows 98, Windows 2000, linux, a linux swap file and a FAT32 data partition (MP3s, thanks). No matter how hard I tried, I could only boot into linux using a boot disk. The Windows 2000 bootloader was not smart enough to load it. Originally, I had Red Hat 6.2 installed. Feeling adventurous, I decided to install CAEN linux instead. Who wouldn't want to run a distribution of linux created at their own university?! For some odd reason, CAEN tried to use my network card at IRQ 0, which just does not work. Also, since it is based on Red Hat 6.1, it did not properly recognize my GeForce video card. Screw that, time to go back to Red Hat 6.2. Oops, now that is trying to set my NIC to IRQ 0! Screw that, lets go with linux Mandrake. The NIC was properly configured for IRQ 5, but it still wouldn't see my gateway. I figured I could work on that later. I got x windows working just fine, but by this point I figured I should get some work done. Since all of my course hyperlinks were stored in Windows 2000, a quick reboot should get me going. Reboot, walk away, come back to linux. WTF? Reboot, wait for my Windows 2000 bootloader menu to show. Linux. WTF?! Reboot, look for any promising signs, boot into linux. Try to mount my windows partition, get weird errors about bad disklabels and superblocks. At this point, I knew what the outcome was. My C drive got fried by Linux Mandrake because it was not smart enough to ask me where I wanted the boot information. All of my documents from the past year, all my conversations, anything: GONE. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now....

Sep 14, 2000

I know, I know... this sporatic posting has got to stop. I apologize. Life has been very hectic lately, and I am just now getting used to the new semester. Let's start from the most recent and work our way back... Today was my first discussion section for CS 280 (C++ programming). We went over the mysteries that are FTP, telnet, pico, and the g++ compiler. Aside to that obvious sarcasm, the GSI (graduate student instructor (read: TA)) is quite foreign, and impossible to understand. No longer will my prescence be necessary at that class. During 280 lecture yesterday, I sat beside an overly stressed sorority girl. The stereotype was in full effect, as she complained about how she had no time for programming since it was rush week and she had to party. She also complained about the complexity of UNIX. All she has to do was type three well-documented commands. We are even allowed to use Visual C++ for most of the work! Dumb blonde. Two nights ago was scary. The main server at The Michigan Daily went down. All of the stories, production templates, everything. Couldn't do anything to the server remotely, so I dragged my ass to StudPub. Logged in at the console, and it turns out that all 4 of the data hard drives had crashed, destroyed their disklabels, and could not be accessed with AppleTalk. After an hour of scratching my head as to what would cause the 4 data drives to crash all at once, yet keep the operating system drive intact, we decided to blame the weather. "Lightning", we told all of the frustrated Daily staff. Oddly enough, even without disklabels, the drives randomly came back up for an hour. Down for 2 more hours, and now they have been up for 48. Stability, not my concern. Other than that, life has been boring.... Everyone needs to tell me what makes their life interesting.

Finally! The FCC wants open source IM protocol. No longer would AIM use proprietary code or servers, and all IM types could talk to each other.

Sep 13, 2000

I got confused when the flight attendant woke me up to ask if I wanted a wet-nap, because I was well on my way to having one on my own.

The Onion becomes funny again. 'Equestrian diving' and 'Greco-Roman fucking' are funny, but the image is still the best.

Sep 12, 2000

Kitchen: Selecting Blendolini Causes Choco-Banana Shake Hang, Microsoft at it's best.

Sep 9, 2000

Guinness Records revises 'Most Downloaded Woman' title. Why is this world so frivolous?

The best piece of Flash animation I have ever seen: nosepilot.
Watch the whole thing.

Sep 8, 2000 is by far the best site online to check out frames. I am definitely thinking of getting these, just for fashion.

Sep 7, 2000

Linking up an iMac to an OpenBSD box to a Windows 2000 box to a Windows Millenium Edition box is a lot harder than I thought. I have failed at getting either Samba or netatalk to work on the unix box. Both will compile, but both have serious problems when launched. There was even difficulty sharing between the Windows ME and Windows 2000 boxes! I forgot that I disabled Guest access on the W2K machine, and that prevented the WinME machine from connecting. Grr

Sep 6, 2000

World War II is not officially over?

Sep 1, 2000

Amazing. Just got back to The University of Michigan for the new semester, and The Pop vs. Soda Page couldn't be more prevalent. Most people say pop here, as is correctly indicated on the map, but the out-of-staters say soda. Idiots.