Aug 29, 2005

Wash: NXT

Clay: Sonus w/ Poorboy's Spray & Gloss

Wash: NXT

Medium polish: Poorboy's Super Swirl Remover 2.5 applied with a Lake Country yellow Cutting pad on a Porter Cable 7336 (same as 7424 with a 6" counterweight)

Light polish: Menzerna Final Polish II with a LC white polishing pad

Paint cleanser: P21S Gloss-Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser applied with microfiber pad

Wax: S100

What do you think?

Aug 22, 2005

The SVT has hit 15k miles so I had a few inspections done. I had an oil analysis done by Blackstone Labs and they said my wear levels were "perfect". So, the engine is just fine. The full inspection from the dealer came back clean except that my rear brake pads are moderately worn. After 15k miles and 16 months, it is probably time to bleed the brakes as well. I haven't had much trouble changing the oil, changing the cabin air filter, installing horns and flashing the ECU, but I'm not so sure I want to mess with the brakes! If I mess up the ECU, it just won't start or will run a bit rough. If I mess up the brakes, I could fold the car around a pole or rumble down the hills leading from the townhome. Anyway, here are some of the parts I'm thinking about:

Aug 21, 2005

Having to park my car outside has finally taken an observable toll. Since it's outside, whatever protection (sealant, wax, etc) is on there is diminished rapidly and since it's exposed to the elements, I find myself having to wash it at least once a week. Because of this, I guess I didn't protect the paint well enough as I have a ton of micromarring. Here's a picture showing a nice selection of spider web scratches and the daps of tree sap I get to deal with:

I just ordered some strong polish so I can remove all those fun scratches, but I decided to add a little protective layer in the mean time:

While that didn't remove any of the scratches... will keep the paint from getting worse and it did add a little depth:


Aug 15, 2005

Hmm, this technique didn't turn out quite as cool as I hoped:



Aug 7, 2005

Sweet, I just upgraded my home server to Apache 2.0.39 and PHP 4.0.3 to Apache 2.0.54 and PHP 5.0.4 without a single snag. Supposedly, PHP 5 is much faster than 4 and additionally, I'm now interfacing Apache and PHP using SAPI instead of CGI which is also supposed to be faster. Sadly, none of that will matter since you're still bottlenecked by my breakneck 25 KBPS max upload! Thanks, Comcast.