Apr 29, 2003

Once again, I'm using this site to store infomation I would otherwise forget. In a Slashdot article about air filtration, someone posted a very inexpensive way to filter a whole room. Just attach some polyester air filter material (the poster suggested 1" thick Blue Tint) to a large box fan. Seems simple enough, especially in a room with a generous amount of ambient noise (read: a server room, or my room since it has two loud computers and a fan already).

Apr 27, 2003

I graduated. More later.

Apr 23, 2003

I do realize that I will be graduating in three days, but I keep forgetting all of the little details that this entails. Last week, I had my final class and final blue book exam. This week, I wrote my final paper. Tomorrow will be my final exam. This is slightly overwhelming!

A lot of things are going to be different when I graduate. There are many little advantages I take for granted, like student pricing on tickets and all of the computing access I get from the university. I need to figure out what I'm going to do for a primary email address! I will probably move over to something like mike@bibik.org soon. But where should I host it? I don't want to pay for hosting, I am leaving the Daily soon so I can't use their servers and my home server doesn't have a static IP. Oh well, that might be the least of my worries.

More later, but for now, it's time for my second-to-last final!

Apr 22, 2003

I dreamed that I finally bought the Z. How utterly pathetic is that? Dreams are a vessel of idyllic imagery or gut-wrenching iconography, not a venue for a materialistic wank.

Apr 17, 2003

Bwahahaha, the Wings got swept in the first round? It just seems so comical! Even with a cast of (current, past, future) All-Stars like Yzerman, Federov, Shanahan, Robitaille, Hull, Lidstrom, Chelios and Joseph, we got swept in the first round. It doesn't matter how good you think the Ducks are, the fact is that we were swept. None of the games were blowouts, but even that fact is inconsequential.

Since we can't rely on the Lions or the Tigers for championships, I guess it's up to the Pistons now!

Apr 16, 2003

Don't worry, I won't be moving to Georgia anytime soon.

Today is the final day of classes for my undergraduate career.

I have a 8-10 page research paper due in 30 hours. As of now, I have one paragraph. Yay, procrastination!

Apr 15, 2003

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the end of the semester is hitting hard. Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous, so Leah and I took a walk through the Arb. Afterwards I made dinner and subsequently felt extremely tired. She ran off to a few group meetings and it was time for me to study for the rest of the night. The combination of the weather, working out, taking a walk and a full meal wore me out, so I decided to make some coffee. I haven't had large amounts of caffeine since I gave it up at the beginning of this year. I drank half a pot in about an hour and a half.

Let's just say that was a horrible idea. I started to get pretty wired an hour in, but I figured that would be the only symptom. I was so wrong. My concentration started to wane, I was getting dizzy and then it got worse. Eventually, I just wanted to either run around the room or puke. I had to dry heave for a good five minutes until I could stand up again. I got probably a good half an hour of work done between midnight and 3:30 AM when I finally fell asleep.

88 degrees today and 39 degrees in only two days?! I really ought to move out of Michigan.

Apr 12, 2003

Leave it to Ann Arbor to be one of the most overpriced places to live!

Apr 9, 2003

I'm back from my first interview trip! Here are the pictures. Funny picture from the car rental place, 404: Car Not Found. It's a shame that someone already has my car at the company I interviewed with.

Apr 6, 2003

I will try to post a bit more before I go on the first of my interview trips, but I at least needed to point out the pictures from Mat's surprise party. There are actual pictures of Leah!

Apr 3, 2003

If the visitors of Kempa.com made up a list of best albums of all time, the concensus for the top spots would be:

Radiohead - OK Computer : (9 votes)

Weezer - Pinkerton : (7 votes)

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds : (4 votes)

Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime : (3 votes)

Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted : (3 votes)

Beatles - Abbey Road : (3 votes)

Sloan - Twice Removed : (3 votes)

Sadly, I do not have two of these albums (Abbey Road and Double Nickels On The Dime). I should fix that soon.