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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the end of the semester is hitting hard. Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous, so Leah and I took a walk through the Arb. Afterwards I made dinner and subsequently felt extremely tired. She ran off to a few group meetings and it was time for me to study for the rest of the night. The combination of the weather, working out, taking a walk and a full meal wore me out, so I decided to make some coffee. I haven't had large amounts of caffeine since I gave it up at the beginning of this year. I drank half a pot in about an hour and a half.

Let's just say that was a horrible idea. I started to get pretty wired an hour in, but I figured that would be the only symptom. I was so wrong. My concentration started to wane, I was getting dizzy and then it got worse. Eventually, I just wanted to either run around the room or puke. I had to dry heave for a good five minutes until I could stand up again. I got probably a good half an hour of work done between midnight and 3:30 AM when I finally fell asleep.