Jan 29, 2001

It's up! More info later.

Jan 27, 2001

Excellent... Akira is being rereleased.

Recently, my musical tastes have changed. Not that I have stopped listening to chick music (Tori, LTC, The Sundays) or punk (Bad Religion, Millencolin, Pulley, Guttermouth). Lately, I have been listening to Sloan and Radiohead, and a lot of rap mixed in between. Laura and I spent a good hour downloading and listening to a bunch of old school rap songs. Check them out here!

Jan 25, 2001

The only problem with the Microsoft sites being down is that I can't play Bejeweled!

Jan 20, 2001

My site is finally back online, and it should stay online. Granitecanyon screwed up again, so I searched for another solution. Register.com, the company I registered with, offers free DNS service. So far it seems to be working just great! Downtime is a bitch.

Jan 18, 2001

I am beginning to think there is something wrong with my server:
fireball:named {103} ls -lart
Segmentation fault

Jan 16, 2001

What a day! Here is what was accomplished: Finally declared biology as one of my majors, signed my lease for next year, dropped down a check for $1300, fixed two major problems at work (Netboot vs DHCP & Oracle crashing), fixed a computer for a beer and had 6 hours of class. Let's see what my night holds....

Jan 15, 2001

Whoa, gotta love geek art!

My high school graduating class had about 450 students. Within my high school was a smaller group, MSC (Math/Science/Computers). This elite group of geeks had some serious issues (that could be a whole other site), but most of us had one thing in common. Check out this image. This is the graduating class of MSC for 1998. All of the people circled ended up going to UMich (or U of M-D).

The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor used to be a small, poorly lit, smokey bar with horrendous accoustics. Now it is a small, poorly lit, smokey bar with horrendous accoustics and it's filled with stupid rich girls on cell phones! Argh.

Jan 11, 2001

Jan 9, 2001

So, I finally found a place to live. We have yet to sign the lease, so this might be premature:

4 bedrooms (2 singles, 2 doubles)
2 bathrooms
2 floors
Air Conditioning
Only one parking space.

The apartment complex name is 'Canterbury Lodge' and the apartment name is 'Penthouse C'... you can't get much better than that.

HOLY SHIT! Pardon my language. You know how the network connection between my main production machine and my server was so slow? Well, I messed around with some settings and changed a hard-coded 100TX setting to auto-detect. Check this:

STATUS:> Send successful
STATUS:> Time: 0:01:04, Efficiency: 5269.62 KBytes/s

I transfered a 340 meg file in just about a minute. Excellent!

Well, TMD.com is taking a lot longer than expected. We have gone through code issues, server issues, politcal issues, etc etc. The estimated time of completion is this Friday, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

Jan 3, 2001

Sorry about the last 3 days... the DNS record for this site was messed up (not my doing). The server was up, but www.bibik.org wasn't resolving. All is fixed now. Tomorrow, expect an update on the status of Michigandaily.com!