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I do realize that I will be graduating in three days, but I keep forgetting all of the little details that this entails. Last week, I had my final class and final blue book exam. This week, I wrote my final paper. Tomorrow will be my final exam. This is slightly overwhelming!

A lot of things are going to be different when I graduate. There are many little advantages I take for granted, like student pricing on tickets and all of the computing access I get from the university. I need to figure out what I'm going to do for a primary email address! I will probably move over to something like mike@bibik.org soon. But where should I host it? I don't want to pay for hosting, I am leaving the Daily soon so I can't use their servers and my home server doesn't have a static IP. Oh well, that might be the least of my worries.

More later, but for now, it's time for my second-to-last final!