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Slashdot | Google Fires Blogger?: Whoa, what drama! So, I met Mark Jen quite awhile ago, basically as soon as I moved out to Washington. He was friends with Lee and we all hung out if not often, occasionally. I'd see him at the gym, occasionally have lunch with him in a group, etc etc. When my roommate decided to move downtown, Mark moved in with him. Basically, I had a lot of connections to him.

Let me explain what has happened. Mark worked for Microsoft for about 18 months. He came in as an SDET (developer working for test) and then decided to become a PM (program manager, like myself). He asked me for a few pointers and moved into a new position soon after. I found out a couple months ago that he got a job with Google. I was shocked. Mark is a smart guy, but I didn't think of him as Google material. He wasn't even sure what he was going to do, but it was somewhat PM-related. I even went to his going-away lunch!

I just found out about this story yesterday, but it seems that Mark decided to keep a blog about his new job at Google. It didn't take long before he started to complain. Then he posted somewhat private financial information and the blog was no longer being updated. He returned soon, having removed the offending matter and said that Google was being nice about all of this. The next week, searches on google for "life @ google" would return his site in the AdWords section. Just try signing up for AdWords using the term "google" yourself. You can't do it! He abused his own system again, the first time being using a Google blog tool to post his complaints. Turns out, after just a few weeks of Google employment, they fired him.

I feel bad for him, but that seems deserved. This story has even made it to Slashdot.

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