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I'm back from my Detroit mini-vacation! The purpose of the trip was to attend the North American International Auto Show (NA and international? Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?) and to see family and friends. It was kind of sad going back, simply because there are so many people still in that area that I want to be around.

What started out as me getting together with Chris turned into a larger gathering. I had talked to both Megan and Tina before I left and we figured out that we were all free on Friday. I talked to Chris and said that they would probably be coming with me. Lindsay was going to be home, so she invited Jackie and Tiffany over. Since they would normally bring their SOs, this was turning into quite the gathering. Since Megan hates driving, I offered to drive from Livonia to Ann Arbor and then out to Troy. Tina was in Farmington Hills, so she met me at my place and we went out to AA together. Well, turns out they wanted to do dinner before driving out to Troy and they could only agree on one cuisine, Italian. This led us to Macaroni Grill and we were not seated until about the time we should have arrived at Chris and Lindsay's. We ended up being about two hours late!

By the time we showed up, Tiffany had already come and gone and Chris was ASLEEP. We woke him up, talked and watched some fight tapes until 1:30 in the morning. It was good seeing everyone and I think that group meshes well. As always, the girls spiralled off into discussing things of their past and looking at pictures, but that gave Chris and I a chance to talk one on one.

On Saturday, I went out with my aunt and Grandpa for his 75th birthday. Later, I went to La Shish with Jenn and Eric and then we were off to the auto show! We met up with Chris Ziegler (sporting a brand new Canon 20D) and purused the show until it closed. I filled up an entire 1 GB CF card and also found out how difficult it is to photograph reflective and black surfaces. My favorite car, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S, was near impossible to photograph, but here was my best try:

For whatever reason, Subaru decided not to show ANY Imprezas. No RS, no WRX, no WRX STi, no wagons, NOTHING. At the Subaru display upstairs, they had all other models, including the disgusting new Tribeca. Downstairs, they had a mockup rally car and an SPT WRX. I would have liked to have taken some hi-res photos of the '05 WRX STi, but I will survive. The show was cool, but I wasn't overly impressed by any one vehicle.

After the auto show, Jenn, Eric and I couldn't decide what to do next. Jenn called up an old high school friend, Katie, who worked at a local bar. Turns out, she was getting off work in a bit so we headed her way. It took about an hour before she was ready, but we were also given free beer while we waited. We ended up staying at the bar, mostly listening to Katie's crazy stories. Her sister lived with a few strippers and a few drug dealers until one of them threw another through a glass door. So much drama in the SEMI. We closed the place down and I returned home around 2:30 AM full of just the right amount of beer and stinking of entirely too much smoke.

On Sunday, I returned to the auto show, this time with my father. I took a bunch more pictures, trying not to duplicate what I had done previously. That night, I went back to Chris and Lindsay's and the three of us chatted and watched TV. I returned home the next morning.

i reeked of smoke too. unfortunately for me, that sweater is dry-clean only. :(

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