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So Christmas 2004 has come and gone and I have just about zero photos to show for it. I'm not comfortable enough bringing out my camera around people I do not know well. When I bought the Canon S30, I brought that thing everywhere when I first got it. It helped that I was hanging out with the same people I had been around for years and years. Now, I can't say I'm comfortable around Kat's family yet and definitely not friends or co-workers.

Anyway, I received some cool drinks (Chimay beer with special Chimay glass, Whiskey sampler set, bottle of McCrea Syrah), half of my camera paid, a $100 Starbucks card and a Charvet tie. Kat, among many other items, received a wine cooler and an espresso machine. No offense to the Starbucks card, but homemade espresso/cappuchino/latte is so much better! It took me two tries but now I can make some pretty kick ass drinks.

As for NYE, we still do not have concrete plans. We have a Plan B, but it seems too laid-back for NYE. We might get a small group together and go find a club. I'm more excited for my trip back to Detroit though! I've already reserved a Chrysler 300 (no, it ain't got a hemi) and I'm planning what to buy for my camera for the auto show.

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