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Here's an email I had to send at work. Pretty pathetic, but I'm not really bothered by it; it's funny, really.

As you all know, I have a large number of snacks available in my office. As some of you know, Iíve made most of them available to all of you to just grab whenever you want. Iíve specifically stated NOT to take the Clif bars, as I actually paid for those and they are my meal replacement if I am working late or if my hypoglycemia is acting up. Iíd rather not have to start locking them up in my PED, though that may be easier.

Anyway, to whoever did it, I hope youíve enjoyed those seven bars. Thanks for occasionally leaving the empty wrappers. If youíre that desperate for food, just ask me.


Yes, I know it could be multiple people stealing the bars.

Yes, I know it could be people that are not on this team.

Yes, I know it is not that big of a deal. Iím acting on principle.

Do you put the Clif bars right next to the "available" snacks? Nice of them to leave the wrappers! You should get an X10. ;)


occasionally? So they've been at it for a while?

Enjoyed a lot! »

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