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This weekend, Kat and I went to a club called Watertown for my acquaintance Phil's birthday. Most of the details can be ignored, so we will. The important event happened right around 2 AM, which may explain a few things. One of Jeff's friends, Martin, is seemingly enamored with Kat. They all hung out on Friday and Martin was permanently attached to her. Saturday, the same thing. Kat said he was a good conversationalist and enjoyed talking to him.

While on the dance floor, the guy-to-girl ratio was pretty far off and Kat was having to dance with multiple guys all the time all night. She was a bit annoyed, but I could tell she was okay with it. Our friend Tim was dancing with her, trying to make me jealous (in a joking way, seeing as I trust him). He kept saying "Dance seductively, Kat!". I was amused. Anyway, eventually Martin was dancing one-on-one with Kat. I was off dancing with a few others, so I wasn't paying too much attention. A little while later, I was dancing next to them and I noticed a bit of butt-grabbing, but that is pretty standard on the dance floor. Kat didn't seem too upset, but I kept an eye on the situation just in case. I notice that he was dancing with his arms sort of around her, but not actually touching her. No problem there. I noticed his hands moving a bit in and a bit up and then I realized where his destination would be. As soon as he touched her breast, I went into action.

Martin is a thin guy, probably sub 145. If this was a bigger guy, my first action would have been more violent. Instead, I grabbed his right wrist (the one connected to the hand touching her) with my right hand, pulled his hand off and up. At the same time, I stepped in with my right foot, placing myself between him and Kat, pushing him backwards with my left forearm to his chest. At this point, he started to struggle and said "Wait!" to me. I didn't want to hear any excuses, so I pulled him close and simply said "Know your limits. Know your boundaries.". He started to struggle and say something so I pushed him back about five feet (not down) and I walked off. Kat, Jeff and Tim followed me and we left the bar.

You should've said "yo mums a ho and I's boned her"

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