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I decided my car is quickly decending into mild rice. The car came a bit ricey from stock (the futuristic 17" wheels, the huge rear bumper, the spoiler) and then the previous owner decided to add some more. The rear hatch normally comes with an emblem that says SVT Focus and there is a Ford oval. The owner decided to shave off the "Focus" part of "SVT Focus" and then covered up the blue Ford oval with a matching red "SVT" oval. The front grill has a similar "SVT" red oval.

If the uninitiated looked at my car and tried to figure what make and model it was, they would come up with... SVT SVT. I'm not kidding, as this is exactly what was written up when I got a "parking ticket" at Microsoft. Color: Red. Make: SVT. Model: SVT. License Plate: OPENSOB. I personally think the combination of the new "Pirahna" logo I added has tipped me into the "rice" category. I'm going to leave the Pirahna, since it's new and barely noticeable, but I just removed the red SVT ovals from the front and back. Here's a picture of what I just removed:

I'm thinking about buying a new "SVT Focus" emblem and returning to almost stock.