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Answer these using the lyrics of just ONE band:

Band: Bad Religion (not my favorite band anymore, but they have some good lyrics)

Are you male or female?

"...there's a boy who seems so lost in his joy"

Describe yourself:

"modern man, pathetic example of earth's organic heritage"

How do they feel about you?

"His opinions are determined by the status quo."

How do you feel about yourself?

"i'm glad i'm not gorbachev, 'cause i'd wiggle all night, like jelly in a pot"

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend?

"a deep inspiration on a warm summer day"

What would you rather be doing?

"every time i look at you, i just want to do it, i can clench my fist right through it, but i just want to get off"

Describe where you live.

"three thousand miles of wilderness overcome by the flow, a lonely restitution of pavement, pomp and show"

Describe how you love.

"...offer me eternity..."

Share a few words of wisdom.

" don't be a henchman, stand on your laurels, do what no one else does and praise the good of other men, for good man's sake."