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<Crazy Waiter Story>
So, after Chris' amateur martial arts fight in Rochester Hills on Saturday, we all went to Red Robin in Novi. We knew our waiter had lost it when our first impression of him was seeing him dance to YMCA with extreme fervor. Over the course of the night, he asked us if we had ever been to Philadelpia (all because the Rocky theme song was being played), asked us if we liked the Shining (all because of a picture of Jack Nicholson with glowing eyes), explained the entire story of the Shining (even though we all knew it), forgot Lauras drink, forgot Lauras food, then gave us an extra pitcher of beer to make up for his insanity. His excuse was that he had been working since 10 AM (and it was already midnight). My reasoning states that he is always like that in a ploy to get better tips.
</Crazy Waiter Story>