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Crazy dream #2: Just a few days ago I had a dream that involved moving down to Georgia. Since I don't know anyone down there, I had to find housing by myself. All of the apartments were full or something so I ended up subletting a room in a mansion. The details of the mansion itself were fuzzy but there definitely was a pond in the back with some odd stones surrounding the perimeter. (It reminded me of a Mandelbrot set, now that I think of it. Do you dream in fractals? Thought not.) The owner of the mansion and (what could only be) his young daughter showed me to a room. They said there was only one problem, the bed had been in the pond earlier. Eh, whatever, I took the room anyway.

I fell asleep (in the dream) and woke up with two leech-like beings on my left hand. I immediately started to swat at them, trying to get them off. The owner and daughter (who must have been watching me sleep) yelled at me to stop and that these leeches would keep sucking until either they filled with blood or died. On closer inspection, the leeches had these coiled bodies that could expand and hold a LOT of blood. I had to get to the hospital, so I called Eric (who knows why he was in Georgia). He picked me up in some weird Dodge Neon-SUV hybrid (which can be explained by the fact that I fell asleep reading Motor Trend) and we tried to ask for directions to the nearest hospital. Everyone would give us directions, but different directions. Just as we got on the highway, I woke up. My entire left arm was completely asleep which explains the leech bit.