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Jamie, Joe and I hung out yesterday. We just absolutely had to enjoy the weather! The diag wasn't the most verdant place (the snow washes away yet everything is so dirty) but it was enjoyable nonetheless. We grabbed Jimmy John's on the way then sat by the flagpole. We mainly talked about the night before and how we wished it turned out just a little bit less dramatic. As always, we also discussed the future. I finally realized that Joe is going to be moving out of state no matter what happens. We didn't know each other too well until this year, but I feel we've gotten close. I'll miss him.

Jamie and I discussed how cool it would be if we both do end up staying in the Ann Arbor area. I now have an official job offer from a company around here, so it just might happen. Of course I am still going to have my fly-out interviews. We shall see.

My camera got some more use; check out the pictures from the day here.