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Motor Trend Names Toyota Prius 2004 Car of the Year. I think I just found a reason to cancel my Motor Trend subscription (six days after I just renewed for two more years...). How in the world is the Prius the car of the year?! I believe that a car with at least a single, glaring issue should not be in contention for car of the year. The issue with the Prius? The back end. Just look at the boot on that car.

Toyota design engineers: "So, we've simply run out of ideas. We tried inverting the emblem and the lights and the fender, we've tried square tail lights, round tail lights, clear tail lights (damn Altezza), round back ends, square backends, triangle back ends, full trunks, full hatchbacks, half and half, we've tried everything! Well, almost everything. Let's try to 'reverse psych' our customers. We are going to take the ugliest rear known in existence, the Pontiac Aztec, and then squish it into half the space and give it clear tail lights! Briliant!" Ugh.