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So I'm back to including a bit of cardio into my exercise regime. On Tuesday, Jeff decided he wasn't up for racquetball so we did 30 minutes of cardio before lifting. I hit the elliptical for that entire time, burning over 400 calories. Lifting directly afterward felt so much different than normal where we start with lifting. Basically, every exercise seemed at least 15% more difficult. Anytime I have to grunt through an entire set of bench presses, I shouldn't be doing that much weight (nor does anyone actually want to hear me grunt). Last night, Jeff had two futbol games to play with his MS club so I hit the gym alone. Again, 400 calories on the elliptical.

Many people have commented on my increased size (I've assumed musculature so far since most of these people wouldn't say "Man, looking a little pudgy there, Mike!"), but I feel that all the added muscle mass is simply pushing the existing fat out farther. I'm almost tempted to scale back lifting in favor of cardio, but then I wouldn't be making progress in strength. I've added at least 25 pounds to my bench since we started working out at the end of the summer. Maybe I should just get liposuction and keep lifting!