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"As I get older, you know, I won't be a pretty object. The wenches won't come to me of their own accord, so I will need my money. So I am saving up more and more, simply for myself, my dear son. You may as well know. For I mean to go on in my sins to the end, let me tell you. For sin is sweet. All abuse it but all men live in it. The only difference is that others do it on the sly and I do it openly. And so all the other sinners fall upon me for being so simple. And your paradise, Alyosha, is not to my taste, let me tell you that. It's not the proper place for a gentleman, your paradise, even if it exists. I believe that I fall asleep and don't wake up again, and that's all. You can pray for my soul if you like. And if you don't want to, don't, damn you! That's my philosophy." F. Dostoyevsky