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Last night, I originally planned on leaving work a bit early, taking a nap, having a quick bite to eat and then hitting the gym with Jeff. None of that happened! Around 5:30 PM, Eric and I were talking about the new laptop he just ordered. I told him not to buy Office from Dell since I could get a good deal on a legit copy of Office 2003 from work. I decided to run to the company store right then since I was tired and needed a bit of fresh air. After that, Lee sent me a chat request and convinced me to join him and some of his MS friends for dinner. We went to Cucina Cucina (a decent to mediocre italian restaurant, thankfully we get 2-for-1 specials) and had a fun time. It was good to meet new people, but I sometimes forget how horribly dorky we can all be. I explained how Microsofties and non-Microsofties have difficulty mingling and there needs to be a certain percentage (we estimated 60%) of non-Microsofties for a group to work.

I still planned on going to the gym with Jeff, but he was feeling fairly comfortable at home and wanted to skip it. Good thing, since Russ called me soon after wanting to get drinks to unwind from a 13 hour day. We went to Tap House, he got dinner and I got a liquid dinner of an Emerald City Tea and a Manhattan. I pretty much ordered the tea (vodka, gin, rum, midori, pineapple, sprite) because it already looked like Russ and I were on a date, so I had to get something fruity and served in a hurricane glass. The Manhattan was used to bring up my testosterone levels afterward. We had a good discussion and I'm glad I skipped working out. I can always go a bit harder tonight.