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Well, I just joined an inline hockey league! We have games every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, for 12 weeks at Arena Sports. Lee introduced me to the team and we are both going to be on the core roster. I was originally on the substitute list but someone from the core team dropped out.

So, I've played a lot of street hockey, but I've never played on a team or in any sort of organization fashion. The closest I've come to organization was playing at Elbel Field in Ann Arbor where they kept a list of players. First come, first serve, so as a person decided to take a break, the next person on the list got to hop in. That pales in comparison to a real league, so I cannot even imagine what I'm in for tomorrow night. I've watched enough hockey in my life to know what to do! Right, I'll be just fine. No worries. I'm going to die.

Anyway, Russ and I decided that hockey is the most expensive game to play that does not require an animal (polo, cockfighting, etc). I already owned skates and a stick, I didn't buy top of the line gear and I still spent $435 dollars. Things I needed: helmet, elbow pads, cup, girdle, shin pads, inline pants and a hockey bag. I better play this game for more than a season... I'm a dork, so of course there are pictures.