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Gah, I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier! So, on Monday, I had a cashier ask me about my age. Well, it happened again on Thursday! I was going to Sports Authority to buy an ankle brace for Kat when it happened. I picked out the brace and headed to the first available cashier. I paid with a credit card and had to use one of the electronic signature readers. She told me to keep my card out for signature validation so I also pulled out my drivers license. My signature never looks right on this electronic devices so I did it just in case. I guess the cashier looked at my birthdate because when she handed my cards back to me:

"Are you 23, 24?"

"23, why, do I seem older, younger?"

"More mature."

"Any reason?"

I'm 21 and guys our age seem younger. You dress well, like you made it somewhere, you seem established."

The funny thing is, I was wearing a long-sleeve jersey material shirt (Kenneth Cole, but she couldn't tell that), Gap slacks and black Puma sneakers! I definitely wasn't sporting "mature" looking attire. Oh well.