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Sigh, I hate moving. Russ gave me not quite enough notice to find a roommate so I'm moving out. I even paid the entire rent plus the month-to-month penalty plus the extra parking spot for a month hoping I would find someone. No such luck.

Katherine has graciously offered living with her for a short while until I find someone else to room with. I am going to move the majority of my stuff into a storage unit and move the necessities over to her townhome. Actually, I've already moved most of my hanged clothes and shoes. Over the weekend, I hope to pack up everything so that I can get a mover next week to bring it all to a storage unit. No way am I going to try to move my couch, queen bed, bookshelves et cetera by myself.

The real kicker here is that I didn't give my apartment enough notice that I was leaving. When I went from the year lease to a month-to-month lease, they never said anything about a "twenty day notice". On a month-to-month, that's a huge amount of notice! I wanted to move out at the end of July but they are so graciously allowing me to pay $1470 for all of August. They said that if someone moves into the apartment, they will pro-rate the amount and pay me back. I somehow doubt that is going to happen! Sigh.