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Katherine bought a ton of food for an office and decided that she had too much. She was going to be in the Redmond area so she decided to come by and let me give it out at work. I decided, why not make a little experiment out of this... I present you a dissertation, Analysis of Dietary Inclination of Employees of a Multi-Billion Dollar Multi-National Corporation. Kat and I put out all of the snacks and then I decided to take pictures at basically random times until it was all gone.

The snacks in this study include chocolate chip cookies, frosted sugar cookies, Reece's cups, chocolate balls and yogurt-covered prezels. Here are the visual facts:

2:13 PM

2:20 PM

2:25 PM

2:44 PM

3:07 PM

3:32 PM

4:15 PM

4:48 PM

4:58 PM

6:14 PM

As you can see, the ranking of these five snacks is as follows:

  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Frosted sugar cookies
  3. Reese's cups
  4. Chocolate balls
  5. Yogurt prezels

Another conclusion is that Microsofties like junk food. The end.

too funny.
yogurt pretzels are the bomb-diggity :p

people love the free food but never throw away the empty box when they take the last piece - why is that?

There is a small amount of additional guilt when taking the last piece. No one wants to be seen taking the last piece and thus the person that does take the last piece will probably do it with as much speed as possible.

This speed does not include cleaning up the container after the last piece has been taken.

Had I placed these snacks outside my office on a chair (like many people do when they bring in snacks), I can confidently say that it would have taken at least twice as long to go through everything. No one wants to be watched taking free food. I bet if I sat and directly watched the snacks when there was just one piece remaining, I doubt anyone would take it.

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