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Kat's townhome (where I'm currently living) is being repaired. When it was originally built, certain waterproofing steps were either skipped or half-completed. Each of the buildings in her unit is having all of the siding removed, all of the sealant underneath replaced and all of the windows resealed. Because of this, there are ditches being dug, low-paid workers ambling around, fork-lifts in the fire lane, etc. Up until last night, it hasn't been a problem. Sometime yesterday afternoon, the construction workers decided that the best place for 10 crates of their supplies was about 5 feet behind Kat's driveway!

When I got home yesterday, I noticed it in annoyance and then didn't think about it while I got ready for my doubleheader hockey game. As I was frantically getting ready (trying to remember extra water and snacks for my team, I'm such a good captain), I completely forgot about the crates. I backed right into them!

My rear bumper now has a good gouge in two place, one of which is about as big as a golf ball. There is a bit of hexagonal mesh below the bumber and that is scraped as well. I'm not sure if I want to get it fixed just yet.

guh, i HATE construction workers. i have had so many problems with them lately. perhaps you could write them a letter suggesting they leave their boxes where people won't back into them. maybe they'll care. or not. what's your comp deductible?


Well, this isn't a comprehensive claim since I collided with something. My comp deductible is only $250 but collision is $500. Allstate actually told me that it would probably be cheaper for me to get this fixed myself.

The part is $355 and it comes unpainted. I would then have to deal with painting and installation. There are a few places I could get it painted locally and I would just install it myself. Anyone need a slightly damaged SVT Focus rear bumper in Infra Red?

Just an update: Shipping the UNPAINTED bumper would be $126. That alone means it will cost me $481 just to have an unpainted SVT Focus rear bumper in my possession, let alone get it painted an installed. If I make an insurance claim, my rates will go up so it's probably better if I do this myself.

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