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Oh, what a great history!
  1. AT&T is forced by the US DOJ to split into seven baby bells:
    1. Ameritech
    2. Bell Atlantic
    3. BellSouth
    4. NYNEX
    5. Pacific Telesis
    6. Southwestern Bell
    7. US West
  2. Original parent company AT&T spins off AT&T Wireless
  3. Southwestern Bell and Pacific Telesis merge to form SBC
  4. SBC and BellSouth partner to start Cingular
  5. SBC purchases Ameritech
  6. Cingular purchases AT&T Wireless
  7. SBC purchases AT&T
  8. SBC renames itself at&t (lowercase)
  9. at&t rebrands Cingular to AT&T Wireless
  10. at&t will soon merge with BellSouth
Customers of the old AT&T Wireless sevice were often referrenced as Cingular Blue while other customers were Cingular Orange. Someone suggested the new color should be based on the beating the customers have taken, Black and Blue.

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