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Did you know that you still need to pay parking meters after 10 PM? Did you know that there are handicapped meters? (I bet you know where I am going with this one). Laura is sick and last night she asked if I could bring her some sorbet. I parked on South University (in Ann Arbor) about three blocks from her apartment and right between an ice cream shop (Stucchi's) and a store (Village Corner). I got the sorbet, dropped it off, visited for about 15 minutes and went back to my car. In my door handle I was greeted with a $75 fine!

I am pretty sure I will be able to appeal this ticket.
  1. I am still not sure if you have to pay a meter after 10 PM. Most university meters are only checked until 6 PM.
  2. I had no idea that handicap-only meters exist.
  3. Since I didn't think I had to put money in the meter, I didn't see that this was a handicap-only meter.
  4. I was getting ice cream for my sick girlfriend!