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I saved myself $100 yesterday!

I bought a fairly nice Sony CD Walkman last summer (the previous version of this model). I only used it probably 30 times since I bought it, mostly working out. Back in the day, I would bring a CD player wherever I would do homework, but now I just bring my laptop. Well, sometime last semester, something in my CD player broke. The lid would never stay shut. If the lid is open, the player automatically turns off.

Yesterday, I probably killed two hours just looking at new CD players. I finally decided on this one since it is a Sony, thin, and can play MP3s. Yes, it's in girly blue, but I like girly blue! (You should see some of the shirts I have...) Before ordering it, I thought I might as well try to fix my old player. How could it hurt? I was going to buy a new one anyway! I ripped it open, moved the lever a bit and it worked! Well, by "worked" I mean the lid would stay shut. I got all excited and decided to go work out, just to try it out. After changing, getting a Nalgene bottle ready and downing some Creatine (you think I am joking?), I tossed some batteries into the old player. Nothing. Press play. Nothing. Sigh.

I ripped it open *again*. I couldn't see anything wrong, though I did have to disconnect a cable to reset the lever. I reseated said cable. Nothing. Just then, I noticed a little piece of plastic sitting in my lap. How it stayed there for the fifteen minutes between when I first opened the player to when I noticed it is beyond me. I figured where it went (another lever that pushed down a little button when the lid is closed) and wham. I was off to the CCRB listening to Trail of Dead.