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D'oh, I forgot to tell you *why* all of my projects have been aborted. I am resodding my parent's front lawn. It's a fireball of fun, I assure you. Here is a little list I whipped up of the steps I need to take to properly resod (reseed, actually) the lawn:

  1. Remove all old turf.

  2. Test the composition of the soil.

  3. Add soil amendments to correct soil composition.

  4. Add fertilizer and till 6 inches of the soil.

  5. Level soil to a 1-2 degree grade.

  6. Water for 2 weeks to allow weed seeds to germinate.

  7. Remove weeds with Round Up.

  8. Lightly rake top of soil.

  9. Spread seed equally in two passes, the second at 90 degrees to the first.

  10. Lightly rake the fresh seed.

  11. Lightly roll the fresh seed.

  12. Apply a light layer of mulch.

  13. Water lightly (5-10 minutes) twice daily until lawn height is inch.

  14. Water deeper (15-20 minutes) once daily until lawn height is 3 inches.

  15. Mow lawn to 2 inches with a sharp-bladed bagging mower.